Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Best Visual Proof of UFOs:
The Space Shuttle Footage, Part I

Until the late 1990s, NASA's space shuttle video footage was transmitted unscrambled except during the military components of missions. Thousands of hours of video were broadcast via satellite downlink, and luckily several people, among them Martyn Stubbs, a cable station manager in Vancouver, BC, had the means and the determination to record dozens of complete shuttle mission video transmissions.

Once analyzed--notably, Mr. Stubbs compiled a complete, multi-year record of STS mission footage (a digest is presented here in documentary form)--the results yield a wealth of staggering evidence, not only of traditional UFOs, but also of two other phenomenona that indicate that earth's near space is inhabited by two as-yet unrecognized life-forms. I will post on these two phenomena later, but for now I will only present evidence of "normal" UFOs.

Traditional UFOs are well-documented on Stubbs' videos, as well as on transmissions recorded by others, and a few short samples (each less than 3 minutes long) of UFO maneuvers that defy the laws of our physics are shown in the following links. UFOs exhibiting incredible speeds and abrupt turns at high velocity, UFOs with the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will, and precisely structured UFO formations have all been captured by the shuttle's video cameras.

The Mir Flyby: "Where's Waldo?" In Orbit
The infamous Mir flyby footage is almost as comical as it is staggering, and demands special comment.

As the Mir approaches the shuttle Columbia, both the shuttle astronauts and mission control simply cannot locate the Russian space station among the literally hundreds of objects swarming earth's near space. The footage looks for all the world like a drop of pond water viewed under a microscope, with space teeming with "critters." The soundtrack is particularly revealing, as NASA personnel simply ignore the incredible display and painfully struggle to locate the needle of Mir in the UFO haystack.

Objects are recorded entering and leaving the earth's atmosphere at high and low speed, many are slowly drifting, and a good number change speed, luminosity, and/or course--all indicating that these are intelligently controlled craft, not stars or space debris. Also, note the large number of objects appearing in front of the earth, quickly glimpsed against the earth's curvature as the camera pans upward early in the video: the camera operator suddenly realizes that "stars," particularly moving ones, should not be photographed in front of the earth and rapidly pans back to the relative safety of space. Also of special note are the pair of "meteors" that streak past in an arcing formation, exhibiting speeds far beyond the maximum velocity possible for a true meteorite, and that show no sign of disintegrating as they skirt the earth's outer atmosphere; and several UFOs that accelerate out of the earth's atmosphere into space and decelerate as they approach it.

Several general observations should be made about the NASA footage. First, for many years, NASA was willing to transmit these UFO events, uncensored and without comment, knowing that "unauthorized" capture and dissemination would occur. Secondly, it is quite apparent that many of these events were planned to be captured by shuttle cameras, as there are numerous instances when UFOs manifest themselves just after a camera is repositioned or immediately after a camera zooms into a certain area above the earth. This indicates either that NASA is recording secret flights of US DoD ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) and/or pre-arranged rendezvous with alien craft. Thirdly, this disturbing sequence of a UFO in earth orbit suddenly flying off into space, trailed by a beam shot from earth, indicates that the US government has secret space weapons and that it is actively defending earth from certain UFO intrusions. Finally, the several UFO formations or "ballets" captured on shuttle cameras (above, a video still of a hub-and-wheel formation involving nearly a dozen craft) indicate ETs wish to manifest themselves to NASA and the public, as we can assume that the US government prefers that its own ARVs remain a closely guarded secret.

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