Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In The Beginning

To understand the present state of the world and the actions of the US government, no piece of information is more important or fundamental than to realize that UFOs exist. Once you acknowledge the reality of extraterrestrials (ETs) and their complex interactions with both individuals and governments, the inexplicable becomes obvious.

Doubtless I have just lost at least half of potential readers with this simple declaration, but this reaction is exactly what a half century of carefully orchestrated ridicule and disinformation have achieved.

This is a vast field, strewn with outlandish claims and undermined by intense disinformation campaigns, but certain evidence is so compelling that it cannot be discredited or denied.

And yet, despite numerous remarkable incidents--most notably the "Battle of Los Angeles" of 1942, the week of UFO overflights of Washington, DC in 1952, and the "Phoenix lights" in 1997--apathy, media control, disinformation and government resistance leave us in a tawdry, mockery-filled limbo concerning what is simply the most important question of our existence.

And if we were not so culturally blinkered, we would need only look south of our borders to discover a government that has acknowledged the existence of UFOs to its people--albeit under the most extraordinary pressure by the ETs themselves, who overflew the country of Mexico and its Capitol in an unprecedented wave in the spring of 2002, causing enormous public alarm and forcing the government's hand on disclosure.

A note on the photo: From the Mexican Air Force, which released this infra-red camera footage of an overflight of Mexico City by a UFO squadron in May 2004. After a month's long wave of UFOs seen over the Mexican Capitol in the spring of 2002 caused an unprecedented public alarm, the Mexican Government released its records of radar, reconnaissance, and military observations of the craft--formally acknowledging the existence of UFOs to the Mexican people.


However, in the US, disclosure is stymied. The US government, by all accounts, is profoundly involved with, and affected by, the UFO/ET question, and many researchers--and even Western governments such as France--argue that this subject has been the overriding priority of the American government and the prism through which one must view its actions in the postwar years if one is ever to make sense of them.

Despite its flawed selection of witnesses, a few simply dubious, the May 2001 press conference and related testimony assembled by Dr. Steven Greer, head of the Disclosure Project, and held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC is by far the most concise and convincing documentation of the reality of ETs. The press conference is marred by an embarrassing introduction by a bloviating television personality, as well as those aforementioned rogues, but the over four hours of videotaped eyewitness testimony, part 1, and testimony, part 2, by astronauts; military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers; government officials from NASA, the intelligence agencies, the armed forces, and executive branch agencies; as well as representatives of military contractors, is nonetheless a monumental achievement. These witnesses and their testimony were collected to force Congress to open hearings on the ET question and reveal its existence to the public.

With the events of 9/11 and the political intransigence of the Bush administration, that effort was thwarted. But the testimony--mirroring as it does the undeniably real evidence and the shocking assertions that have always characterized the UFO/ET subject--is overwhelming. The sheer number of witnesses, their station and their willingness to come forward publicly with their information, leaves no doubt of the reality of ETs and their profound impact on our civilization, such as it is.

I will continue to provide links to the most convincing proof of the existence of ETs in an effort to convince the skeptics among us.

I also would counsel skeptics to watch these video testimonies and discount the outlandish reports. Listen to the pilots, the astronauts, the military personnel and contractors, the NASA officials, and those cases with multiple witnesses. Therein lies the solid evidence. However, this is a subject that deals with extraterrestrial visitation of earth. This is a subject of deep mystery, and so some of these outlandish claims are also doubtless true. The point is, we do not know which ones are the truth. This information is withheld from us though it is fundamental to understanding ourselves, our history, and our future.

It is also important for skeptics to realize that UFO studies have moved far beyond the simple documentation of the existence of UFOs and ETs. Efforts are today aimed at demanding that government acknowledge these facts and that a half century of "black ops"--secret, compartimentalized projects involving ET technology and ETs themselves--be brought to light for the benefit of all humanity.

So click on the links, watch the testimony, and make your own conclusions. This is the beginning of understanding our world.

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