Monday, February 26, 2007

Even Barnum Would Blush:
Jesus' Purported Ossuary Becomes PR Tool

James Cameron of Titanic fame and an Israeli documentary filmmaker claim to have solid proof that a burial chamber found in Jerusalem 26 years ago actually held the caskets of Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdelene, and Jesus' son. (Here's the NY Times blog on the story.)
The story starts in 1980 in Jerusalem’s Talpiyot neighborhood, with the discovery of a 2,000 year old cave containing ten coffins. Six of the ten coffins were carved with inscriptions reading the names: Jesua son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Matthew, Jofa (Joseph, identified as Jesus’ brother), Judah son of Jesua (Jesus’ son - the filmmakers claim).
The ossuaries claimed to have held Jesus' and the Virgin Mary's remains go on display in New York today, to coincide with the start of the marketing campaign for the documentary about the discovery.

Blessed are the filmmakers, for they will inherit the net receipts.

And of course the End-Timers are putting on their Sunday-Go-To-Rapture best and waiting by the door.

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