Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Owl Gods Redux

In a prior post on 9/11 and secret societies, I mentioned Bohemian Grove and Molloch, the ancient Babylonian owl god worshipped there. Though none of what follows is particularly new information, I wanted to expand on that prior post here.

The question why Presidents, CEOs, media moguls and financiers secretly gather to worship huge stone owl effigies in Redwood forests is obviously an interesting one, and quite revealing.

The owl, of course, can see in the dark, and thus is the perfect symbol for the Illuminati, that most secret of societies, which sees behind and in large part plans the apparently random events that form our "current events": carefully planned accidents, false-flag terrorist attacks, financial and political machinations that pop up in our MSM long after the fact--if at all.

The owl then is a symbol of hubris, of condescension--there is even a tiny one perched on the upper right corner of the front of the one-dollar bill--which of course sports the Illuminati/freemasonry pyramid with its all-seeing eye of Isis/Osiris on the verso, just above its inscription dedicated to a Latinate "new world order." And there's another one drawn in the roads surrounding the Capitol, which sits in its belly--the belly of the beast.

Neat little package, the dollar bill--all the conspiracies in a nutshell--and even better, you carry it in your pocket every day, totally in the dark about all its hidden symbolism. The dollar bill is a talisman, and these secret-society nutjobs think that it generates positive auguries for their plans and projects.

The current half-dozen posts give you some idea of their current projects--provoking war with Iran and dismantling American civil rights being foremost on the agenda--and I think that 2007 will be a critical year in American history. We are heading for a crisis of their making, and they have gambled enormously and dug themselves so deep into their occult-feathered nest of unprecedented lies, crimes and manipulations that it can only lead to horrific confrontation. You know, enough is enough. This sh*t has got to stop.

So fasten your seat-belts and stock up on duct tape, it's going to be one Hell of a bumpy year.

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