Sunday, February 4, 2007

What's Missing From Modern Physics:
Common Sense (& Revised Electromagnetism)

From the BBC, a thin (or brutally edited) though fascinating article ostensibly concerning the Plank satellite, an ESA venture to map the universe's cosmic microwave background radiation, or CMB. However, what makes the piece so interesting is the straightforward view of the present state of knowledge of the universe it offers.

To wit:

The universe is essentially flat.

After having expanded enormously in the early stages after the Big Bang (known as Inflation), it slowed, but its expansion is again accelerating.

Only 4% of the matter in the universe is visible. 73% is composed of Dark Energy and 23% is Dark Matter. Their existence is surmised from indirect detection.

No one knows the true nature of either dark energy or dark matter, though one group hews to Einstein's Cosmological constant as the explanation for dark energy--"a constant energy density which fills space homogeneously."

The second proposition is that "dark energy is a dynamic field, called quintessence, whose energy density varies in time and space."

My bet is squarely on what they've so coyly named "quintessence," but the nature of dark energy is not that great a mystery--but now I'm getting ahead of myself.

The problem with Einstein's "theory" is that it isn't a theory at all but the misapplication of a derivative sum by later, lesser lights. One thing I know about reality, from the quantum to the universal level: Only abstractions are perfect. I just can't imagine anything in the physical universe that is both constant and homogeneous, other than an immaterial construct such as a law. Certainly not an energy field of whatever exotic structure. However I wouldn't be surprised if indeed, in its totality, that Dark Energy conforms to Einstein's Cosmological constant. But more fundamentally, this explanation is pure tautological sophistry and a desperate attempt to invoke Einstein to cover a pathetic non-theory, as it simply puts off a real explanation by labeling an unknown the very constant that Einstein himself created to define that unknown.

Super-Deep, Imponderable Mysteries--Really?

Perhaps I'm being hopelessly naive or obtuse here, but isn't this unfathomable "quintessence" of "Dark Energy" simply the "radiant energy" that Nikola Tesla proved animates the void of space? I.e, his understanding of electromagnetism? And Maxwell's original understanding as well? A century ago, Tesla had machines running that drew their energy from this very source.

Tom Beardon was the first to posit this theory of Dark Energy, and has explained that Maxwell's thirty-odd original EM equations predicted such energies, which were then fudged away when Heaviside perverted them into the four bastardized equations that are the sorry foundations for today's understanding of EM. Tesla understood the true nature of electromagnetism, which jived perfectly with Maxwell's original equations, and though not a great theorist, he was a practical and mechanical genius of the highest order, and his machines and patents all testify to his understanding that "space" or "the void" is in fact coursing with EM energy. Tesla was simply tapping into the cosmic power grid.

Why, you ask, can't this energy be detected? According to Tesla, it can, but that we are looking for it in the wrong place: These EM waves, being longitudinal, not transversal as Maxwell's corrupted theory posits, simply go undetected. Where are the machines? Click here to read the dark history of government confiscation of wayward inventions.

Finding a Unified Field Theory will demand a complete reappraisal of Electromagnetism and its re-incorporation into Physics. Until that occurs, physicists will continue to give silly, Harry-Potterish names--"Dark Energy," "quintessence"--to mis-defined and misunderstood EM phenomenon that scientists over a century ago had already discovered, experimented with, and written theoretical equations to explain. Unfortunately, most physicists don't know a thing about electromagnetism; and the last person who truly understood it--Tesla--was ridiculed and marginalized to serve the parochial interests of the financiers (Morgan, above all) at the dawn of the electrical age.

Redeem Tesla, rediscover and analyze Maxwell's original writings and equations, and you will go very far--not only in understanding our universe, but also in the very practical and vital work of saving this world through abundant, non-polluting energy generation "from the void."

Why hasn't this happened? For the scientists, pure ignorance and parochialism, aided and abetted by government and industry committed to death to the status quo. However much they proclaim their freedom, academics are a sheepish bunch loathe to undertake unconventional inquiry, and are absolutely petrified of being ridiculed by their peers. It's worse than high school. Actually, it's a continuation of it.

And on the practical level, to re-introduce these theories would show that the central pillar of the world economy--energy--and all the myriad financial and political interests impinging upon it--was built upon deliberate lies and omissions, and could be easily overturned. But that is a subject for another post.

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