Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Iran off the Table: A Higher Power Hath Spoken

Well it seems the NeoCon wet dream of invading/attacking Iran has been called out of order by a higher power: the Trilateral Commission.

The Strangelovians are being brought to heel, victims of their own overreaching. The military is in near mutiny and domestic politics is in disarray, with AG AG in the cross-hairs.

The lack of posts here reflects this period of overt calm. The agenda is stalled, though clearly enormous infighting has been going on behind the scenes.

Finally, apparently, the grown-ups are back in charge, for now. This may well be the effective end of the Bush cabal; everything from here on in will be a rearguard action, trying to slink out of office without the Hague staring them in the face.

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