Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jumping The Gun Big Time:
BBC Reported WTC7 Had Collapsed
With Building Still Standing In Plain View

This is beyond outrageous.

A video has just been uncovered (ht to Alex Jones for spreading the word) of Jane Stanley, reporting live for BBC World and standing before the smoldering ruins of the WTC complex, as she announces on air that the Salomon Brothers Building, aka WTC Building 7, has just collapsed.

The only problem is that WTC7 can plainly be seen still standing behind her left shoulder. WTC7 wouldn't fall until nearly a half hour after she gave her report.

Google and YouTube scrubbed the video soon after it surfaced, the BBC claims it has somehow lost the original footage (and two backup copies), and the MSM refuses to report this astounding revelation.

This coming right on the heels of the BBC's hatchet job on the 9/11 truth movement. Karma's a real bitch sometimes...

The wheels are coming off 9/11. This lie is simply too big to keep in a box.

Here we go...

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