Tuesday, January 9, 2007

9/11 Clearinghouse

First, a word on the photo: note the now-infamous demolition squibs shooting out of the WTC, caused by major detonations of the central columns in roughly 20-story increments, as above secondary charges pulverize the tower, bringing it down at free-fall speed.

September 11th was an inside job, the third US coup d'etat after the Kennedy assassination and the first George W. Bush administration, and if possible it was even more destabilizing and insidious than JFK's murder.

Like many, after the initial shock of events, I hadn't given 9/11 much serious thought until I read of the results of a recent Zogby poll showing nearly half of Americans and well over 60% of New Yorkers believe the US government is somehow involved in the conspiracy. Those are shocking numbers.

So I began to Google and indeed the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. The government's cover-up relies upon media collusion and mass apathy, but 9/11 must not be allowed to stand, as it is the base of the present regime's "legitimacy," the staggering treason that underpins their fascist agenda.

Fletcher Prouty--CIA liaison and man of conscience--penned words concerning the JFK assassination that find new relevance today: "Almost everyone who has taken the time to do any reading and thinking about that crime knows this is a game for the biggest stake of all--absolute control of the government of the United States of America; and, with control of this government, control of the world. And yet the real crime underlying all of this has not even been identified, stated, and charged. The real criminals still walk the streets, run their corporations, control their banks, and pull strings throughout their political and financial machines."

Following are links to the best online websites and video presentations concerning the events of September 11, 2001.

The Complete 911 Timeline: Compilation of all journalistic media accounts of 9/11; a massive undertaking.

Loose Change, 2nd Edition
: A 90-minute documentary that concisely marshals the basic facts about what really happened on 9/11. Clear and straightforward, highly recommended.

The American Scholars Symposium, Los Angeles, 8 July 2006. Organized by Alex Jones, a panel discussion about 9/11 and the false-flag terrorism it embodies.

The WTC Towers
South Tower Collapse. A short (-2 min.) slow-motion video of the beginning of the South Tower's collapse, showing jetting plumes and flashes as cutter charges are set off in the impact area. Also, note that the 20 uppermost floors--a massive structure in and of itself--initially intact and toppling at an angle, simply explodes in mid-air. What more proof does one need?

911 Mysteries: A 90-minute documentary examining the collapse of the three WTC towers. Clear, straightforward presentation, though the narrator has a banal delivery. Nonetheless highly recommended for its content.

9/11: Scientific and Ethical Questions, by Prof. Steven Jones. Jones, a physicist at BYU, is the leading scientific proponent of controlled demolition. Compelling for anyone who is not afraid to think.

Interview with Prof. Steven Jones. A straightforward digest of the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the WTC towers. Prof. Jones is in many ways the epitome of the mild-mannered professor--cautious, logical, and relying upon sound evidence for his deductions--and thus his concluding statements in this video are absolutely chilling.

WTC 7 Collapse
Alex Jones on the collapse of WTC Building 7. The collapse of WTC 7 on the afternoon of 9/11 is the most outrageous element of the 9/11 conspiracy. Here Jones has every right to express his indignation.

WTC7.net, a website documenting the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7, command and control center for the 9/11 attacks.

The Plotters
Facing 9/11 Truth, a lecture by Webster G. Tarpley, Seattle, April 2006. An expert on false-flag terrorism, Tarpley lays out the whys and the hows of rogue government involvement in 9/11. A brilliant exposition; should not be missed.

TerrorStorm by Alex Jones. Jones is a courageous, in-your-face provocateur to power and researcher into secret societies and conspiracies, and here explains 9/11 as a government-sponsored terrorist event: the foundational event in the Global War on Terror--by Western governments against their own populations.

Hijacking Catastrophe, A half-hour video explaining the geopolitical benefits--among them, permanent US bases in Iraq and Afganistan and dominance of the Caucusus Basin--that the self-inflicted wound of 9/11 permitted. Ask yourself, "Who benefits most?," and you will find the perpetrator.

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