Monday, January 15, 2007

George W. Bush: Their Pet Goat

"We seem to be moving, drifting, steadily against our will--against the will of every race and every people and every class--towards some hideous catastrophe. Everyone wishes to stop it, but they do not know how."
Winston Churchill, April 13, 1937

Churchill's words, spoken on the eve of World War II, resonate even more profoundly today. They can be applied to any number of gathering storms--to environmental degradation and global warming; to globalization and the impoverishment of the Western middle class; to terrorism and the loss of Constitutional liberties in the United States; to the Bush administration's Strangelovian determination to broaden its Middle East conflagration to Iran and Syria, following the PNAC agenda, and the open talk of using tactical nuclear weapons to achieve these ends; and, finally, I would add to the Bush administration itself.

I believe the root causes of this relentless tow "towards some hideous catastrophe" are not pure happenstance or random drift. There are larger forces in action, determined groups, very real agendas, if only rarely glimpsed, and they find their nexus in the secret government of the United States. They are two overlapping groups: secret societies and the military industrial complex. Their doubled aims and their raison d'etre are the effacement of what they view as the insane experiment of creating a republic of free men, embodied in the US Constitution, and the militarization of American society, the better to control the American (and world) population and confront the alien question.

With the administration of George W. Bush, these players have boldly advanced their agenda, in what for all the world looks like an endgame. Like the relentless march toward World War II, it seems the Bush administration cannot be checked by any counterforce. Bush himself has nothing really to do with this. He is the puppet of and cheerleader for his masters--the most blatantly obvious Presidential marionette of all--and that he attained the office of President, twice, in successive rigged election/putsches, shows the utter disdain the true powers controlling America have for the public and for world opinion. They are literally thumbing their noses at us as they erect their unitary executive and their police state, using this pathetic boy-king as their posterboy.

We see the unease everywhere; it is even starting to appear in the mainstream media, even though 90% of the MSM is under the firm control of but five corporations. Throughout the blogosphere, the claxons have been ringing for years; political commentators--moderate, liberal and libertarian, in short all those not obviously allied with these authoritarian/totalitarian elements--document with growing concern and rage the increasing dangers and the mounting threats. However, they cannot break free of the "established order" of the staged clash of left and right, of liberal and conservative, of Democrat and Republican. They cannot see the forest for the trees. They attribute the administration's motives to hubris, incompetence, and warmongering; but they do not see the bottom of the iceberg, these networks of power and influence and their insidious agenda. Once revealed, the current, seemingly insane moves toward war with Iran become perfectly explicable, the clash inevitable. Likewise, every other move of this administration--from Katrina to the GWOT to the dismantlement of objective science--fall into place as well.

George W. Bush, Bigger Patsy than Oswald

I return to Bush, that pathetic idiot manchild. Several independent reports (see Webster Tarpley & the 911 Timeline below) indicate that Bush had no involvement in plotting 9/11 and that indeed he was a target of the conspirators--if he did not join their cabal and become its cheerleader, then he would be disposed of. There was no downside: assassinating Bush on 9/11 would have completely demoralized America and installed an active conspirator in power. In any event, it was seen to it that Bush was publicly humiliated and made to feel the full extent of his superfluousness and expendability that morning. Shock and Awe indeed.

Look anew at those infamous nine minutes in the Florida classroom. Think about why the President was set amid first-graders, reading The Pet Goat, when he learned of the second jet hitting the second WTC tower. Ponder the importance of stagecraft in the modern Presidency, and consider Bush's 9/11 stage. Think of his immobility, his rising panic, the fear and dumbfoundment on his face. Think about why his handlers, in flagrant contravention of all Secret Service emergency protocols, purposefully left the President of the United States publicly exposed for over 40 minutes after the gravest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Consider why he then pointlessly wandered across the nation in Air Force One for the rest of the day.

All this was no coincidence. Bush was the patsy, the pet goat, and soon enough he would be given his ultimatum--when Air Force One was in the air, denied fighter escort for nearly two hours: Become chief cheerleader for the 9/11 cabal or become another among thousands of victims of that brilliant mastermind in an Afgan cave. Bush was then flown to Offutt AFB in Nebraska, home of the US Strategic Command and operational center for Global Guardian--the most important of the astounding 20-odd "war games" exercises organized by the Pentagon and held on that most coincidence-laden morning (Global Guardian anticipated a Russian nuclear strike and raised US military alert status to DEFCON 3; all strategic nuclear weapons were at hair-trigger readiness).

It is no surprise that the first foreign leader to speak with Bush after the attacks was Russia's President Putin, as Russia was well aware of the sudden and threatening change in US force posture. Apparently Bush informed him that the Strangelovians were now in control and that the PNAC agenda was going to be implemented, and that if Russia didn't accede to America's Middle Eastern agenda, then Global Guardian would no longer be a game.

In yet another set of absurdities and coincidences to add to an already overflowing basket, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world and who is now disconcertingly interested in "loose nukes," was also at Offutt that morning, hosting a "charity benefit" with business leaders, a number of whom otherwise would have been working in the WTC. I can't think of any location more conducive to charity, or a more congenial setting for the Morgan of our day to host a power breakfast, than the US Strategic Command HQ in eastern Nebraska--except perhaps Windows on the World. What on earth did they all talk about when the Pet Goat made his courtesy call?

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RoseCovered Glasses said...

It is difficult to convey the complexity of the way DOD works to someone who has not experienced it. This is a massive machine with so many departments and so much beaurocracy that no president, including Bush totally understands it.

I am a 2 tour Vietnam Veteran who recently retired after 36 years of working in the Defense Industrial Complex on many of the weapons systems being used by our forces as we speak.

Presidents, Congressmen, Cabinet Members and Appointees project a knowledgeable demeanor but they are spouting what they are told by career people who never go away and who train their replacements carefully. These are military and civil servants with enormous collective power, armed with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense Industrial Security Manuals, compartmentalized classification structures and "Rice Bowls" which are never mixed.

Our society has slowly given this power structure its momentum which is constant and extraordinarily tough to bend. The cost to the average American is exhorbitant in terms of real dollars and bad decisions. Every major power structure member in the Pentagon's many Washington Offices and Field locations in the US and Overseas has a counterpart in Defense Industry Corporate America. That collective body has undergone major consolidation in the last 10 years. What used to be a broad base of competitive firms is now a few huge monoliths, such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing.

Government oversight committees are carefully stroked. Sam Nunn and others who were around for years in military and policy oversight roles have been cajoled, given into on occasion but kept in the dark about the real status of things until it is too late to do anything but what the establishment wants. This still continues - with increasing high technology and potential for abuse.

Please examine the following link to testimony given by Franklin C. Spinney before Congress in 2002. It provides very specific information from a whistle blower who is still blowing his whistle (Look him up in your browser and you get lots of feedback) Frank spent the same amount of time as I did in the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) but in government quarters. His job in government was a similar role to mine in defense companies. Frank's emphasis in this testimony is on the money the machine costs us. It is compelling and it is noteworthy that he was still a staff analyst at the Pentagon when he gave this speech. I still can't figure out how he got his superior's permission to say such blunt things. He was extremely highly respected and is now retired.

The brick wall I often refer to is the Pentagon's own arrogance. It will implode by it's own volition, go broke, or so drastically let down the American people that it will fall in shambles. Rest assured the day of the implosion is coming. The machine is out of control.

If you are interested in a view of the inside of the Pentagon procurement process from Vietnam to Iraq please check the posting on this blog entitled, "Odyssey of Armaments"

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