Friday, January 26, 2007

Dr. Evil: Rumsfeld, $2.3 Trillion and 9/11

Here's a staggering bit of recent history that should not be allowed to disappear down the memory hole: On September 10, 2001--yes, that is one day before 9/11--Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that, "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions."

I'll be brief here. A few obvious points:

What better way to hide such an outrageous revelation in plain sight than announcing it on the eve of 9/11? The result: Only one major news outlet, CBS News, reported the story. Yet more proof of the conspiracy, if any was needed.

All that money didn't just disappear, nor was it all siphoned off in corruption. This is the cost of our black-ops programs. That means, for the 10-year period of the accounting inquiry, that the Pentagon is spending half the amount in black programs that it does with those officially budgeted, currently some $450 billion per year. And this has been going on since Truman. Let your imagination run free with what they've developed with all that cash.

Also, all those F-22s and submarines and toilet seats don't cost the amounts the Pentagon attributes to them either. They're inflated by at least a quarter, if not by half, with that money also going into black-ops programs. This of course explains why those Humvees in Iraq aren't properly armored, among other things.

Finally, why isn't anyone paying attention? Why no outraged calls for oversight, no moves to reform this mess? Well I know why, just thought I'd play the naif to wrap it up.

Oh, and one last thing: now you know why that manifestly incompetent and sinister nutjob hung on so long.

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