Friday, January 26, 2007

Numerology IX XI

I've been thinking a lot about 9/11 recently, as prior posts attest, and a few things I've long noted, but haven't written about yet, are relevant here.

Thanks to Alex Jones, we know that every year, Bohemian Grove opens not with a barbecue, but with a mock-human sacrificial rite to a huge stone owl, i.e., Molloch. Bohemian Grove is where every President since Hoover has gone to hobnob with the US power elite during summer vacation, deep in the California Redwoods. (Actually, if they had their way it would indeed be a barbecue and I could drop the "mock"). Sacrificial rituals to Babylonian owl-gods: This is obviously no run-of-the-mill power junket like Davos, so just WTF is going on here?

First, a disturbing fraction of the people who run our world--and here I mean the few thousands who really run our world--are involved in secret societies, freemasonry, the ancient mystery schools, the occult, and Luciferianism.

I.e., they're not Christian, agnostic, or any mainstream religion for that matter, but rather have a disturbing propensity to intersect with death cults and the occult--those who worship the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian gods of Isis/Osiris, Molloch and the like, as well as Lucifer (the Light Bearer and God's rival, who is claimed to be revealed to 33rd degree and higher Freemasons and Bonesmen, which too many major Anglo-American politicians just happen to be--for example Bush father and son, and for equal time, John Kerry to boot).

All this by way of introduction: These people are not like you or me. And it's not because they're rich in the Hemingway sense. They believe in spiritualism and the occult, demons and the Devil, rite and ritual, astrology and numerology. Even if they do not, they accept and acquiesce to these perverted beliefs to gain entry to--and be beholden to--real power. They are privy to the ancient lore guarded by the secret societies, and are indoctrinated using ancient rituals and blood oaths.

We are deep into Twilight Zone territory here, and I just want you to know that I don't believe that these rites and beliefs are either sane or defensible, but nonetheless (these are secret societies, after all) there is more than enough disconcerting evidence to prove these people are involved in some remarkably unsettling practices.

Back to topic: numerology 9/11. My point is, these people believe that rites and rituals, special auguries and synchronicities--the invocation of spirits and demons--will assure their plans of success. Circles and pentagrams, signs and numbers, hidden talismans bring them power. Nancy Reagan was a dilettante in comparison.

So let's look at some weird coincidences about that oh-so-coincidence-filled day.

Why 9/11? Well yes, the obvious reference to 911 emergency telephone lines. But what is the numerological significance?

Nine: "The number 9 symbolizes the principle of a universal philosophy or consciousness." So far, rather neutral. But to occultists, "the number nine is the number of 'the earth under evil influences.'"

The day itself, the moment of action, is even more interesting:

Eleven is a higher octave of the number two and is considered to be a master number (the second being 22). 11 is considered the path of spiritual awareness and knowledge beyond the grasp of others. It carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. It is also related to open-mindedness, intuition, idealism, and visions. Because eleven contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies.

Delightfully for the occultists among us, 911 is numerologically recursive: 9+1+1=11, leading us back to eleven. It's even better in Roman numerals: IX XI. And weren't the Twin Towers themselves the biggest "11" in the world?

Ok, now we're on to something. What else happened on September 11? Well, funny you should ask. On September 11, 1990--exactly 11 years to the day before 9/11, what a coincidence!--President George H.W. Bush gave his infamous "Towards a New World Order" speech. NWO? Tinfoil hat territory, I know. But here's what Papi Bush--that 1960s-era CIA agent and Bay-of-Pigs conspirator had to say, before a joint session of Congress, on the eve of the first Gulf War:

We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a New World Order -- can emerge: a new era -- freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we've known.

The motto of freemasonry is Ordo ab Chao, Order from Chaos. And what exactly did President Bush (Illuminatus and Bonesman) say? "The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective -- a New World Order -- can emerge." That sounds pretty much like Order from Chaos, doesn't it?

In fact, Bush pere was so enamored of this and other tinfoil-hat phrases (and he is certainly not alone) that he gave another speech, before the UN on October 1, 1999 during which he said, "The year 2000 marks a turning point, beginning the turn of the millennium...The United Nations can help bring about a new press forward to cap an historic movement towards 'A New World Order.'"

And don't even get me started on what "cap" means.

Just so you don't think I'm Bush-obsessed, let's hear what Papi's new pal has to say. President Bill Clinton gave these remarks on 26 February 2006: "There's a new world struggling to be born," he says with a slightly evangelical smile. "Don't get caught up in the latest firestorm."

Is there an echo in here? Okay, enough. I'm not even going to touch "firestorm."

All true. Cross my heart and hope to die.

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